Healthcare is a topic that can go in many directions–Insurance companies and their costs, Big Pharma, Conventional & Unconventional Medicine, Preventive, etc.  The videos associated with this topic here cover three areas–a unique Patient/Physician Cooperative, community acupuncture and a personal non-medical pain management approach.


Playing Moneyball with Doctors Believe it or not, we can make healthcare cheaper for patients and more lucrative for doctors. Here’s proof. 

Punc Power  What is a punc and what does it have to do with communal napping and healing? 

Mind Over Body  Roberta Fernandez used her brain to amaze her doctors and drastically cut her post-surgical healing time and pain medication

Food for Thought Related to Playing Moneyball with Doctors Video:

  •  Would you join a medical cooperative like this one? Have you or anyone you know received medical care through a cooperative like PPC? What was that experience?
  • Founder Don McCormick made a decision in 1995 to leave his very successful career as an insurance company executive “sell everything I owned and help people who were not insured and not getting healthcare benefits.  If you are not doing that, then life is pointless.”  Please share your reaction and thoughts about that statement.
  • Forming a large group of physicians gave PPC power to get group services at a discount so they could reduce cost of care for patients.  Physicians still made excellent money.  Did that surprise you?  Please share your thoughts about that.
  • PPC data scientist Fred Trotter talks about PPC genuinely putting the patients first as the goal of PPC.  In what ways does PPC demonstrate that? Were you surprised to hear that parking was a top priority on the patient satisfaction survey?

Food for Thought Related to Punc Power Video:

  • Please share your experience with using acupuncture.
  • If cost of treatment was holding you back from seeking help through acupuncture, does knowing about the community acupuncture cooperative reduce that roadblock for you?
  •  What is your opinion of the co-founders of Peoples Cooperative of Community Acupuncture’s  commitment to lower cost of service and the approach of community acupuncture with “communal napping” etc.?
  • Find a Community Acupuncture Clinic near you.

Food for Thought Related to Mind Over Body Video:

  • Roberta’s experience with self-hypnosis and minimal pain from her dual knee surgery seems rather extraordinary.  Have you heard of other experiences to share?
  • Roberta’s determination and acute focus on imagery work prior to and following the surgery were key to her recovery.  Share your own thoughts about your willingness and/or ability to do that.
  •  Please share any experience you might have had or are having with a hypnosis practitioner.



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