Farmers’ Cooperative in Zambia

Birmingham Covington School Michigan
Birmingham Covington School Michigan

How a Floridian couple,  Michigan school students and an African farmer teamed up to enhance the education of elementary school girls while launching agricultural reform in Zambia.              

Val Gallina & George Sherman are long time educators, who developed Character Ethics for students in the Pinellas School District in Florida. Val continues to train teachers nationally in Character Ethics and George is an adjunct professor teaching ethics at St. Petersburg College in Florida.

Food For Thought & Conversation

  • George and Val have a passion to help people living in Zambia. Please share your passion or that of someone you know who is involved in helping people in a foreign country.
  • Please share your thoughts and reaction to Project Cope and its effort to bring economic development to Zambia that includes no charity and the formation of a Farmers Cooperative that established a bank with the purpose of loans for other farmers and villages’ purchase of tractors.
  • The interest and dedication of the school children in Michigan has been a critical ingredient both for funding the Project Cope tractors and the formation of relationships with the children living in the village.  What difference have they made?
  • George points out that there is no Non-Governmental Organization involved in Project Cope; it is a People to People Project.  Please share your thoughts and reaction.
  • For more information  please contact

This recipe takes from the Zambian Cowpeas Sauce and the Onion Sauce dishes author had in Mansa village in Zambia. Black eye peas are same in appearance as cow peas.
This tasty dish adapted from Blue Heaven Restaurant offering beneath the trees in Key West.

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