hOurworld: A Global Time Bank Cooperative

hOurworldSocial currency and community capital replace dollars in this bank. And you can join for free. 

Linda Hogan is founding member of hOurworld Cooperative and previously served as board member and Director of Hour Exchange Portland and as a consultant for TimeBanksUSA. She has been a non-profit administrator, community organizer and social architect working in communities in New Hampshire and Maine for over 30 years. 

Food For Thought & Conversation

  • If there is not a Time Bank or Hour Exchange in your community, consider and explore the possibility of forming one.  To begin and just for fun, do a Group Mock Exchange with your tablemates.  Brainstorm any and all ideas about how each person in the group could contribute to the Hour Exchange.    What skills, talents, special interests, education, training, hobbies and resources would you share?  Would you do as the Hour Exchange Portland does and make each hour equal no matter what the contributing skill or talent is.?  If not, how would you “price” the skills, talents, knowledge, etc?
  • Linda mentions social architecture including Transition Towns, Time Banks or Service Exchanges, Farmers’ Markets, and Grange Halls are anywhere where people are reinvesting in social currency or community capital.  What social architecture is part of your community? Please share your experiences with those social structures.
  • For more information about what how to receive hOurworld Cooperative’s free software to establish a Time Bank or to learn more about what is happening with Time Banks/Hour Exchanges in communities and cities in the US and around the world, visit hOurworld.org


  • Invite friends, colleagues or community members to view this video with you and host a conversation.

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