Jan’s Ground-Breaking Documentary
On The Road: Cruising To The New Economy

Ride along on a Road Trip of a lifetime with an 81-year-old activist to document the restructuring of the economy that is successfully putting people and planet first. A compelling biopic that takes the viewer along a brilliant lifetime quest for bettering herself and the world around her. A personal story of self-growth and healing wrapped around a treasure trove of hopeful ventures. This film documents Jan’s already 13,000 mile long journey where she interviewed New Economy trailblazers and benefiters; including; teachers, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, farmers, nuns, financial experts, LGBT leaders and more. Part 2: On The Road Again, take you even farther into the New Economy sector for more insight, fresh faces and more wisdom from some of the greatest minds in the New Economy forum.

“My first epic road trip surprised even me that I stuck to it, but of course, I was younger then…only 76. I captured videos of 51 change-makers and how they were making a positive difference for our collective future. I came home filled with hope and optimism. But here I am, now 81 years old, and I realize that we need more than hope and optimism than ever if we are going to make the changes necessary for a better future for us and our planet.  We need to know what projects and initiatives are out there and exactly how people are creating them and making them successful. We need to help these projects spread for the sake of all of us.”

— Jan Roberts