The Business Ownership Revolution with Marjorie Kelly

Staff at British retailer John Lewis rea How to make money nurture life instead of Wall Street.

 Marjorie Kelly is Vice President and Senior Fellow with The Democracy Collaborative. Previously, she  was a Fellow with the Tellus Institute in Boston, where she led a variety of consulting and research projects, including co-founding Corporation 20/20, a five-year initiative that brought together hundreds of leaders from business, finance, civil society, and law to explore how to redesign corporations to integrate social and environmental concerns into their governing DNA. For five years Marjorie was also a lead consultant with WealthWorks, a Ford Foundation initiative to develop and test a new approach to rural community development. Before that, she was co-founder and, for 20 years, president of Business Ethics magazine, known for its listing of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens. Marjorie authored Divine Right of Capital in 2011 and her recent book Owning Our Future: The Emerging Ownership Revolution was awarded the Nautilus Book Award.

Food For Thought & Conversation

  • One example of Generative Economy that Marjorie describes is Cooperatives and over 140 Million Americans participate in cooperatives.  If you are participating in a cooperative please share your experience.
  • The Ruth Chris Steak House story demonstrates the importance of the role of business ownership in community wellbeing. Are there examples in your community similar to the Ruth Chris Steak House story where the behavior of a company was determined by its ownership?
  • Marjorie gives several examples of ownership designs of businesses that promote the wellbeing of people, the planet and community.  Please share your favorite story.
  • Please share your thoughts about Marjorie’s example of the John Lewis Department Store in England, which has the amazing mission to increase employee happiness. How is their bottom line different from the bottom line some corporations espouse that they do “people planet and profit”.  Do you know of anything at all similar to John Lewis happening here in the US?
  • Please share your thoughts about the Community Development Financial Institution in Maine that helped the lobster fishermen form a cooperative and obtain the easement for a working waterfront for their access to the water.


  • Learn about Community Development Financial Institutions in your area.  What projects/work have they accomplished?
  • Explore and learn more about Generative Economy and stories of success, form a discussion group online or in your home on Marjorie’s Owning Our Future: The Emerging ownership Revolution.
  • Invite friends, colleagues or community members to view this video with you and host a conversation.

Additional Information

An excellent report on highly effective economic models and best practices for creating the New Economy in your community. Broad-Based Ownership Models as Tools for Job Creation and Community Development: A Report by Marjorie Kelly, Steve Dubb & Violeta Duncan

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