Cultural Innovations in Action (CIA) is delighted to welcome you to our Not So Clandestine Community of Convivialists and Operatives. We engage in tactical and not-so-covert activities to have a good time and cook up plots to improve our own quality of life and that of our community.

If interested in becoming an CIA Special Agent, please state aloud:
I, (Your Name Here), swear to fulfill my role as Special Agent for Cultural Innovations in Action with great relish and promise to maintain my sense of fun and abide by our  Earth Charter ethics as I host uplifting video shows with changemakers that spark enlightening conversations to give us hope and show us a positive way forward.

Select your Special Agent Designation and Virtual Badge

Culinary Agent
Host video shows over food and drink in a convivial atmosphere.

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Cultural Arts Specialist
Design/Create art/music/spoken word/film activity that reflects and enhances the video show project.

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Intelligence Analyst
Dream up or gather questions related video show project to guide the conversations and raise awareness

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Social Change Agent
Research and bring up for discussion actions that help to address the problems/challenges related making the video show project a reality.

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Technical Operations Officer
Inform Cultural Innovations in Action Mission Control of experiences and outcomes related to your video show gatherings.Post to the forums!

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Order Your OBA Apron Embossed with Operation Bon Appetit Logo

OBA Apron Style 9215Apron #1: Red hip-length apron featuring the Operation Bon Appétit Logo, non-adjustable neck strap and two divided front pouch pockets. It is made from 65/35 poly/cotton twill blend that is stain resistant and measures 22” L and 18” W.

Style #9215
Cost: $19.00

OBA Apron Style 9019

Special Agent Bradley Minnen

Apron #2: Red below-the-knee length apron featuring Operation Bon Appétit Logo, adjustable neck and center-divided pouch pocket. It is made from a 65/35 polycotton twill specially treated to resist stains. Measures 34″L x 24″ W.

Style #9019
Cost $24.00

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Conviviality Guide

Modeled after the Central Intelligence Agency’s World Factbook, this is a Guide for CIA video shows that provides recipes, video interviews with changemakers,  conversational questions and examples of positive change actions. The Conviviality Guide is a work in progress and incorporates suggestions resulting from the experiences of CIA Special Agents in the field.

The Earth Charter

The Earth Charter serves as the ethical framework for the Cultural Innovations Agency.

Its sixteen principles for universal human rights, economic justice, respect for nature and a culture of peace are woven into the themes for the Operation Bon Appetit Dinner Parties.

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About Us

Operation Bon Appetit is an initiative of the Cultural Innovations Agency, Inc. (CIA), a 501c3 nonprofit corporation, with the mission to engage ordinary people in sustainability and social change that emphasizes conviviality, arts, conversations and actions. The ethical framework for the CIA recognizes the interconnection of economic justice, human rights, respect for nature and a culture of peace.

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Help support Operation Bon Appetit and make a donation! We are an IRS 501c3 Charitable organization and donations are tax deductible.

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