1. A Cultivated City

    You don’t have to live in the country to farm. Urban agriculture is blossoming in Portland, Oregon.  Simpson Street Farmers: Caienna Bierwirth studied at University of Oregon and is also Assistant Instructor at Tracking Earth, out-door adventures for folks of all ages.Rex Rolle studied at Whitman College and formerly worked at...
  2. Hello, Neighbor

    How 75,000 people around the globe are using social media to get to know their neighbors and pool their resources. Need a ride? Got a surplus of zucchini? Want to trade pet-sitting services? It’s all right there in your neighborhood. Rebecca Rockefeller is the co-founder of the Buy Nothing Project. Sheis...
  3. Beyond Gentrification

    Gentrification has become a dirty word to people displaced by the rising prices that come with it. A Portland neighborhood leader seeks to reverse that trend and bring opportunities and amenities to communities facing the invasion of affluent immigrants. Jeff Gerwing serves on the Cully Eco-District Advisory Board in Portland OR...
  4. The Miracle of Quixote Village

    A group of churches and nomads discover together the true meaning—and power—of sanctuary. Jill Severn is a board member of Panza, a nonprofit organization that was instrumental in the establishment of a model micro-community of tiny houses for the homeless in Olympia Washington. She is a writer and communication consultant.  A...
  5. Time Well Spent

    Time, not money, is the currency at the Hour Exchange. And everyone’s time is equally valuable.   Stephen Beckett is participant in Hour Exchange Portland.  He is co-founder and lead programmer for hOurworld Cooperative. He graduated with honors from the University of New England’s Physical Therapy degree program and has been practicing...
  6. Communal Living

    Communal living with all its benefits using a new model for decision-making that trumps consensus. Heather Carver is a resident at Columbia Eco-Village in Portland, OR. After years of trying to figure out how to save the world, she is focusing on trying to live in a way that’s a smaller...
  7. No Scrap Left Behind

    ]A retired teacher revives the ancient practice of gleaning—to reduce waste and feed the hungry.  Dennis Karas  is a retired teacher, professional gleaner and a resident at Columbia Eco-Village in Portland, OR. Food For Thought & Conversation Dennis Karas has a passion to help lessen food scarcity for people through gleaning...
  8. hOurworld: A Global Time Bank Cooperative

    Social currency and community capital replace dollars in this bank. And you can join for free.  Linda Hogan is founding member of hOurworld Cooperative and previously served as board member and Director of Hour Exchange Portland and as a consultant for TimeBanksUSA. She has been a non-profit administrator, community organizer and...

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