1. Sisters of the Land

    Future farmers and policymakers learn spiritual land stewardship at White Violet Center for Eco-Justice in Indiana.  White Violet Eco Justice Center has been a ministry of the Sisters of Providence since 1996 and is located on 1200 acres of land in Terre Haute, IN.  The Center recognizes & fosters the interdependence...
  2. Farm to College Programs: 3 Big Benefits

    What does the Rocky Horror Picture Show have to do with feeding college students while helping statewide farmers and growers? Mark LoParco is director of UM Dining at the University of Montana, and is the executive director of the UM Foodservice Management and Purchasing Consortium.  An active member of the National Association...
  3. Hatching Solutions

    Kodiak Fishery works with nature to increase the salmon population without chemicals.  Al Seale is Pillar Creek Hatchery Manager in Kodiak, Alaska  Food For Thought & Conversation Pillar Creek Hatchery appears to be filling a need in the Kodiak region by contributing to the provision of the 35% of hatchery wild salmon...
  4. A Thriving Local Food Project in Bainbridge, WA

    Who wouldn’t want to eat good food grown locally using sustainable methods? The biggest problem for most people is finding it. Here’s how one community is solving that problem.  Carolyn Goodwin is Co-Founder of Sound Food in Bainbridge Island, WA.  She is a consumer-focused marketing professional and sustainable food evangelist with...
  5. Eat More Chocolate

    Who says you have to sacrifice pleasure to do good? Sophi Tranchell is Global Managing Director at Divine Chocolate, Fairtrade pioneer, Social Enterprise Ambassador, Chair of Fairtrade London, & London Food Board member. Food For Thought & Conversation To the Mayas, cocoa pods symbolized life and fertility and the Aztecs believed...
  6. A Cultivated City

    You don’t have to live in the country to farm. Urban agriculture is blossoming in Portland, Oregon.  Simpson Street Farmers: Caienna Bierwirth studied at University of Oregon and is also Assistant Instructor at Tracking Earth, out-door adventures for folks of all ages.Rex Rolle studied at Whitman College and formerly worked at...
  7. Real American Food You’ve Never Tasted

    Think you know American food? Think again. This American Indian eatery serves food so unfamiliar you have to see it before you order it. Ben Jacobs is a Native American entrepreneur and co-owner of Tocabe, an American Indian Eatery, in Denver, CO. Additional video on Tocabe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68s-1KLE2hY       Food for Thought &...
  8. No Scrap Left Behind

    ]A retired teacher revives the ancient practice of gleaning—to reduce waste and feed the hungry.  Dennis Karas  is a retired teacher, professional gleaner and a resident at Columbia Eco-Village in Portland, OR. Food For Thought & Conversation Dennis Karas has a passion to help lessen food scarcity for people through gleaning...

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