1. Confessions of a Food Waster

     I contribute to food waste. I am one of the 30% to 40% of Americans who waste food that we buy.  I  don’t do it deliberately; I do it out of my ignorance about the huge problem it is.  Consider this: We are  now 7 billion people on this planet,...
  2. A Holiday Tail

    This is an extraordinary tale.  Actually it is a multi-tail about love and a kitten, a puppy, two baby rats,   two chicks and a bunny.   This is a true story and there is no more fitting time than this holiday      season to focus on it.  It is...
  3. Five Ways to Go Fair Trade for Thanksgiving

    This blog  first appeared at www.greenamerica.org and offers great information about having a Thanksgiving that takes care of humanity and the planet. This Thanksgiving, many of us will take a moment before our meal to consider all the human connections involved in assembling the holiday. Maybe your cranberries, or potatoes, or...

    The day began like many others—rushing out the door to get somewhere with hair casual , no make-up and hoping for the best.  The day ended differently than most—false eyelashes, coats of makeup, an unforgettable experience of being “on air” just like the real TV folks and the exciting feeling...
  5. Smart Consumerism Movement: Ain’t It Grand!

    Everyone from clergy members to bank customers are getting into the Smart Consumerism Movement. This movement is getting legs—and they are walking  away from Big Business that does not treat people and the planet with care and  respect. I love the recent story in the New York Times about Rev....
  6. Spring: A Time to Celebrate Us

    Spring is a time for many religious celebrations and festivals.  A sampling includes: Buddhist Theravada New Year — The beginning of a new year is, generally, a time for “taking stock” of one’s karma, cleansing, and well-wishing. Baha’i Ridvan-first day — The start of a 12 day festival to celebrate...
  7. The Earth Charter: A Love Story

    When I was introduced to the Earth Charter, a Global People’s Declaration of Interdependence, it changed my life. The Earth Charter’s 16 principles for human rights, economic justice, respect for nature and a culture of peace are the ethical framework for the themes for Operation Bon Appétit TV Series and our...
  8. Influencing Sustainable Business–Do Awards Work?

    Last Friday, I presented 12 businesses in the Tampa Bay Area with Earth Charter US  (ECUS) Sustainable Business Awards for engaging with the triple bottom line—people, planet and profit.  When I created these awards for ECUS, I saw them as a way to recognize and to bring to the public’s...
  9. Vladimir’s Visit

    The voice on the phone overflows with upbeat energy: “Hi Jan, this is Vladimir.”  Past experiences have  taught me to respond:  “Vladimir, where are you?”  Sometimes he is downstairs in my condo building  and at other times just a few hours away, perhaps,  in the Florida Everglades.  Typically, friends calling...
  10. OBA Co-Hosts Differ

    We recently did a script re-write for our Sizzle Tape to promote our Operation Bon Appétit TV Series to engage folks in eating, drinking and changing the world one dinner party at a time.  We want to travel the country and while cooking good food and sipping wine, we will...

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