1. Road Trip Surprises

     I am being surprised in numerous ways on this Road Trip. Top of the list is the openness people have to letting me—in many cases, a stranger—stay with them for however long I need to.  Actually,I might be reluctant to do it if the roles were reversed.  There are also...
  2. Random Thoughts 2 on the Road Trip

     Stopping at Rest Areas along the way, I see couples and friends traveling together.  The only solo drivers seem to be the truck drivers. I may get a twinge of loneliness now and then but think I am hitting my stride on this Road Trip. I am blessed in so...
  3. Snapshots from the On the Road Videos

    Reactions to my requests for video interviews with creative folks doing good things in their communities have included total non-reaction, initial interest followed by radio silence, and wonderful enthusiasm. I am so fortunate for the latter and feel privileged to be able to bring their stories to light. There are...
  4. Random Thoughts on the Road Trip:The Good, Bad & Ugly

    After the first night in the motel in Mobile, AL, I lay in bed feeling too scared to get up and get ready to leave for my first video interview in New Orleans.  What happened to my adventurous spirit, my dedication to capturing video stories of people of passion doing...
  5. Tampa Tribune Article on Jan’s Road Trip

    Tampa woman plans road trip of lifetime by Michelle Bearden Jan Roberts plans a road trip to promote providing interactive online forums and resources to volunteers around the country with the goal of societal change. Published: March 30, 2014   | Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re...
  6. Road Trip Visit: The Mississippi Blues Trail

    Ah, the Blues!  I love traditional country Blues.  The languid, undulating and emotional sound just makes me want to sway and move. But, why am I covering the Mississippi Old Blues Trail on my Road Trip to capture stories of people improving and sustaining the wellbeing of humanity and planet...
  7. Drive, Video, Sleep: 52 Videos in 90 Days

     Even I, with a bottomless reservoir of optimism, think this schedule is wishful thinking.  As plans for the Road Trip to capture the video stories of creative folks around the country evolve, I am thinking I might interrupt this trek in the middle of July to fly home and touch...
  8. Road Trip Preparations: 26 States and 48 Cities

     There are basically five areas of preparation for this Road Trip of a lifetime—health, video making, financial, car, and Itinerary. Health is just about done—physical therapy for my neck; physical and dental checkups; copy of chiropractic records; and 4 months’ supply of supplements from my acupuncturist and MD.  The financial...
  9. Dry Runs (Literally) for the Road Trip

    It occurred to me that I have not driven any real distances in many years.  So when looking at a 4 months long Road Trip, I thought it might be helpful if I took a few mini-trips beforehand.  Fortunately, these opportunities were presented to me by family and friends. First...

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