News stories abound about what is going wrong in our society but few cover the good news that is changing people’s lives and communities for the better. Such stories do exist and they are brought to life in Operation Road Trip: How a Car, a Video Camera & a Bottle...

    This is the introduction to just edited road trip book about to be self published. Although family and friends may have worried about this old lady taking off on a road trip by herself for two and one half months around the country, I knew there were certain things I...
  3. Moving Ahead: A Documentary Maker in Development

     It has been thrilling to learn more about documentary making.  So far I have read Eric Barnouw’s “documentary: a history of the non-fiction film” and “Documentary Film Making” by John Hewitt and Gustavo Vazquez.  The former brings to life the power of this genre to instruct, excite and even deceive....
  4. Watch out Cannes & Sundance! Here We Come!

     It is not easy getting into the swing for 2015.  The cause is probably a combination of wicked indulgence over the holidays and wanting to just sit back and rest on the accomplishments of 2014. I am delighted with the fact that I really managed to do the 2 ½...
  5. Road Trip Surprises

    This two month Road Trip to video interview people making a difference held surprises for not only me but family members as well.  I learned that my daughter, Andrea, thought I would last six weeks; Amy gave me until I reached the Florida border; and Allison hoped that I would...
  6. End of Road Trip Coming Up!!

    This uplifting journey of capturing video stories of people with a passion making a difference in their communities will be ending in the next couple of weeks–11,500 miles and 43 interviews done. I am heading south towards home with 12 more interviews to do and nearly 2000 miles more to...
  7. 7,000 Miles and 33 Videos Later: More to Go

    I am capturing terrific video stories about creative good people genuinely making a difference.  It is a joy to be around these folks and so uplifting to hear their passion and their dedication to what they are doing. After interviews here in Bainbridge Island, WA including interview with Fran Korten,...
  8. Road Trip Surprises Chapter 2

    Following Colorado Springs was my visit in Houston to interview the folks with the Patient/Physician Cooperative.  Hosts were Cathy and Ken, neither of whom knew me but blindly trusted our mutual friend in Tampa, Betty Tribble. It is a very unusual guy, who would welcome me into his home with...

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