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Powerful video stories about passionate people affecting systemic change in the economy, education, and more that will enlighten you and give you hope for a future that takes care of people and the planet. It is happening now all around the country. Enjoy the video stories and enlightening conversations over a savory dish and beverage of your choice with friends, family, and colleagues.

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  1. Road Trip Through Civil Rights History

    As I hit the road for a weeklong trip to visit the civil rights museums in the southeast, I wasn’t sure why I was doing it even though I did know that I was deeply concerned about the surge in hate crimes after the presidential election.  It seems obvious now...
  2. Democracy Labs Are Brewing a New Economy

     Democracy Labs are brewing the New Economy in several states. For instance, experiments are taking place to use a new metric for economic success and performance that gives a broader picture of sustainability and growth.  Vermont became the first state to pass a law introducing Genuine Progress Indicators (GPI), which...
  3. Three Positive Models in the Banking World

    Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and Bank CEO George Bailey are in agreement about banks. Senator Warren believes that: “Banks were once places to hold money and were very careful in lending to finance families as they built a future—bought homes, cars, took out student loans”. George (speaking about his father,...
  4. Farm to College Programs: 3 Ways To Make It Happen On Your Campus

    I have been wondering why there are not more universities doing Farm to College Programs especially given their successful impact on students’ dining and statewide farmers and growers.  Mark LoParco, University of Montana Director of Dining and Former President of the National Association of  College & University  Food Services (NACUFS), implemented...

Operation Road Trip

Book Cover KindleWeb2An upbeat and illuminating ride through an explosion of on-the-ground initiatives around the country that are creating a caring future for people and the planet. Meet the artists, economists, teachers, media folks, neighbors and social activists who are making it happen.  Along the way, experience the quirky insights and passion of your driver Jan Roberts, who embarked on a solo road trip to video interview these passionate people.  It took her two and half months to cover 13,026 miles and interview 51 innovators.  You will discover a treasure trove of significant endeavors that are enriching lives and transforming communities right now. Get Your Copy Here!

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The Earth Charter

The Earth Charter serves as the ethical framework for the Cultural Innovations Agency.

Its sixteen principles for universal human rights, economic justice, respect for nature and a culture of peace are woven into the themes for the Operation Bon Appetit Dinner Parties.

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Operation Bon Appetit is an initiative of the Cultural Innovations Agency, Inc. (CIA), a 501c3 nonprofit corporation, with the mission to engage ordinary people in sustainability and social change that emphasizes conviviality, arts, conversations and actions. The ethical framework for the CIA recognizes the interconnection of economic justice, human rights, respect for nature and a culture of peace.

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