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Powerful video stories about passionate people affecting systemic change in the economy, education, and more that will enlighten you and give you hope for a future that takes care of people and the planet. It is happening now all around the country.

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Book Cover KindleWeb2An upbeat and illuminating ride through an explosion of on-the-ground initiatives around the country that are creating a caring future for people and the planet. Meet the artists, economists, teachers, media folks, neighbors and social activists who are making it happen.  Along the way, experience the quirky insights and passion of your driver Jan Roberts, who embarked on a solo road trip to video interview these passionate people.  It took her two and half months to cover 13,026 miles and interview 51 innovators.  You will discover a treasure trove of significant endeavors that are enriching lives and transforming communities right now.
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    News stories abound about what is going wrong in our society but few cover the good news that is changing people’s lives and communities for the better. Such stories do exist and they are brought to life in Operation Road Trip: How a Car, a Video Camera & a Bottle...

    This is the introduction to just edited road trip book about to be self published. Although family and friends may have worried about this old lady taking off on a road trip by herself for two and one half months around the country, I knew there were certain things I...
  3. Moving Ahead: A Documentary Maker in Development

     It has been thrilling to learn more about documentary making.  So far I have read Eric Barnouw’s “documentary: a history of the non-fiction film” and “Documentary Film Making” by John Hewitt and Gustavo Vazquez.  The former brings to life the power of this genre to instruct, excite and even deceive....

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Toast to Julia Child, Our Hero

Toast to Julia Child, Our Hero To Special Ops Culinary Agent Julia Child--whose joie de vivre, love of good food and wine, and path breaking work to bring people together for a fun time--inspires us all.

Julia was a CIA agent early in her career and a true hero for the groundbreaking work she did in that role. There are only a few of us that know the real story. Julia was not an agent for the Central Intelligence Agency; she was actually a Culinary Agent for the Cultural Innovation Agency (CIA) and was highly regarded for her subversive work for their top secret Operation Bon Appetit. Her program sign-off of “Bon Appetit” was an encouraging signal to all of us that her work for world change was going well.

That’s the story according to Mission Control, the Cultural Innovations Agency (CIA), and we are sticking to it.

The Earth Charter

The Earth Charter serves as the ethical framework for the Cultural Innovations Agency.

Its sixteen principles for universal human rights, economic justice, respect for nature and a culture of peace are woven into the themes for the Operation Bon Appetit Dinner Parties.

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Operation Bon Appetit is an initiative of the Cultural Innovations Agency, Inc. (CIA), a 501c3 nonprofit corporation, with the mission to engage ordinary people in sustainability and social change that emphasizes conviviality, arts, conversations and actions. The ethical framework for the CIA recognizes the interconnection of economic justice, human rights, respect for nature and a culture of peace.

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Creating a Better Future One Bolt at a Time

Creating a Better Future One Bolt at a Time

I saw a cartoon today that said that “Despair is the new hope”. That is not true for me and need not be true for you. It’s easy to be pessimistic given the daily stream of negative news that comes our[...]

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